Is Vying as an Independent Candidate an Option for You?

Published on 30 March 2017


Do you want to vie as an independent candidate? This is what you need.

  • You have to be cleared by the Registrar of Political Parties by 7th May 2017 and be issued with a clearance certificate. To be cleared, you need;
  • Not to be a member of a political party within 90 days before the election day
  1.  An application letter for clearance
  2. A copy of your ID
  3. A fee of Ksh. 500.
  • An electronic and printed copy of a list of at least 500 supporters in the prescribed form, submitted to IEBC.
  • A duly filled Form of Intention to contest submitted to IEBC in the prescribed form.
  • The symbol that you intend to use during the election, which has to be approved by IEBC.
  • Establish and maintain a functioning office in the area where you are vying, which must be available for inspection by IEBC at least 45 days before the election. The physical address of the office must be communicated to IEBC.