Do you know what your MCA should do for you?

Published on 26 April 2017

role of MCAs

Your MCA has three roles only namely; legislation, representation and oversight.

  • Legislation: Making laws at the County Assembly
  • Representation – This means representing you and ensuring your interests are considered in laws, policies, budget, development plans etc.
  • Oversight: This means being a watch dog to ensure that the Executive implements laws, policies etc. in the right way. This includes ensuring that the annual budget passed in the County Assembly is properly spent.

While discharging the above roles, the MCA should;

  • Maintain close contact with you and consult you on issues under discussion in the County Assembly
  • Present your views, opinions and proposals to the County Assembly;
  • Attend sessions of the County Assembly and its committees;
  • Provide a linkage between you and the County Assembly on public service delivery
  • Extend professional knowledge, experience or specialized knowledge to any issue under discussion in the County Assembly

Please note that the MCA should not directly or indirectly be involved in the executive functions of the County Government and its administration or in service delivery.

 The MCA is not an implementer!