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joy mhechimiwa plz " wide selfhelp group need help from you, full afron brack only abaut 200 ps oky?! Be allright "lucky".
joy, What Will You To The Komarock Ward In The 1st A Hundred Days In Ofice. Am Steve
Hi Steve. Hope you're just fine. Yes, good question. The youth are our future and if we don't pay attention to them, our future is doomed. The first 100 days will be time to engage with multiple youth from different areas to know and understand main issue that affect them and come to terms with a long-lasting solutions for them. I will get to reach out to the civil society and corporates that surround us to come to terms on how they're going to join hands with our office for the benefit of the Komarock youth and push forth on a credible association that will be in charge of all business youth and youth groups who'll be willing to join the business competitive world for growth and sustainable solutions. That's my 100day plan Steve. Alot is ahead. I sincerely ask for your support. Regards, Joy Muthoni Mwangi Incoming MCA Komarock
joy,asante Xana Kiongozi,kw Kujitoklezea,vijana Kama Mimi,tunahitajg Yut Gal Ka Wewe,frm Chairman,masimba Youth We Say Wellcme To The Race,,all The Best..
Niaje Man Chair. Thank you very much for your warm welcoming. I feel more at home. It's our time...the youth. The time we've been waiting for is here. Trust me tunaweza. The power is with the people and the people is me and you. Bless you more. Regards, Joy Muthoni Mwangi Incoming MCA Komarock